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My Story

My wellness journey, like many others, was born out of a place of darkness. I struggled with an eating disorder for almost 10 years, which I used as a coping mechanism for *literally* everything that didn’t go as I had hoped. 

There were many times where I thought I was destined to be sick and a failure forever. But thankfully, after an amazing trip with some friends, I found the light that I needed to show me the way to a “Whole” new relationship with myself and my life. 

I worked with a Naturopathic Doctor for several months who taught me how the body worked, and guided me through the steps I needed to heal and repair the damage that I had done. 

This process was not only rejuvenating for my mind and body, but it lit a fire in my soul that would become my purpose in life. 

At the same time I began my healing journey, I had also found CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. I fell in love with the sports and was determined to continue to heal my body so that I could become a better athlete as well. 

In dealing with a behavioral issue, I learned that sometimes we can swap behaviors for others and assume we have healed when we are still running from our traumas, just in a different way. 

It took me much longer to realize that, while healing my body, I was still avoiding dealing with the set in beliefs about myself that started my downwards spiral in the first place. 

Once I reached this understanding, I began to slowly tear down more walls, confront my personal fears and limiting beliefs. To knowingly go towards pain and be open to reliving the hurt and sadness is no easy feat. 

However, in addressing the *root cause* of our overall health and wellness, deeply rooted emotional trauma is certainly something we have to be willing to dive into. 

Through my healing journey the biggest thing I’ve learned is that wellness can only be achieved when we are willing to address ourselves as a WHOLE: mind, body and soul.

My practice and teachings with clients and myself alike is to focus less on the little things, and more on the big picture. There will always be ebbs and flows, but if the general direction is forward we are certainly always moving in the right direction.

What we do, think, BELIEVE, and say about ourselves is all relative to the amount of acceptance, love, kindness, appreciation and understanding that we are open to experiencing with this one, spectacular, body that we have been given. 

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